It’s never too late for summer. Find your companies, pack your sundress, bring your favorite swimsuit and let’s go to THE BEACH!

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4 May 2015

Photographer : Suksinee Bhalakula



Once in a life time rampering around Cambodia – the flamboyant experiences.I am sharing with you my experiences, feeling and pleasure emotional when I was strolling around Siem Reap, Cambodia through my lens. As someone once says one picture speaks a thousand words, mine is not just one but about 50 photos – hahaha – so please stay tune til it last.

Angkor Wat

Bayon & Preah Khan Temple

Ta Prohm Temple

Tonle’ Sap

Neak Pean

and that’s all photos I took. Hope you like it.

3 August 2014

Photographer : Suksinee Bhalakula


Flower Folks

I believe that many girls used to dream of owning a pretty florist; of course, I was one of them. When I have found “Plant House”, it reminds me of my long lost childhood’s reminiscence. I felt like my dream came true. All selections and creations of nature and flowers from “Plant House” were made by Manassalil and Norarit, a young and lovely couple.The interesting point is that these beautiful works are not just normal one of nature you might be thinking of. The couple ; they are also creators who used natural materials as a tool to illustrate their ideas and inspiration.

You can appreciate these artworks at ,

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18 July 2014

photograph : Suksinee Bhalakula , Norarit Wisitnorapatt

– SSN –


Summer is calling! so what are you waiting for!! Let’s enjoy warm breeze of sunshine and be fabulous with a great style.

 sunglasses & bag & accessories from :
Blue Ribbon Objects (
His & Her Vintage (



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30 march 2014

stylist & photograph : Suksinee Bhalakula
model : Wan Panisa & Kwang Apitchaya
asistant : Pim Pimchanok & Oil Srivara
cameraman & VDO editor : Katerine Kate ( TERINE FILM)

– SSN –


From bright hues as white radiance of the afternoon sunlight, yellow of trumpet-shaped daffodils, pink of cherry blossom, purple of Iris and mint green to dark hues as black, ash grey, wedgwood dark blue and dark green of pinery are main performers illustrating the latest collection from Curated by Ek-Thongprasert. This collection is full of enchanting and fascinating blooming blossoms inspiring from beautiful “Giverny Garden”, the notable garden of impressionist artist “Monet”.

 Curated by Ek-Thongprasert has just celebrated a grand opening of its brand-new shop, along with other 14 Thai-designer brands.
Let’s get lost into this new zone “THAITHAI” at Central Chidlom!




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THAITHAI : The Grand Opening of The New Thai Designer Zone


29 march 2014

For more infomation :

photograph : Suksinee Bhalakula

– SSN –

COOL KIDS : Black Dog Style

Introducing our first COOL KIDS, “BELL” the owner of vintage clothing shop name “Blackdog”,the shop located in the heart of Bangkok at Siam Square soi 1. Homeless vintage style is the way she call herself even though its sound a little bit strange but the way she style and pull it over will impress you . follow her style from these following photos and you will get it.

For more information : Instagram BELLBLACKDOGDSC_9640.JPG_effectedDSC_9587.JPG_effectedDSC_9584.JPG_effectedDSC_9534.JPG_effectedDSC_9540.JPG_effected DSC_9525.JPG_effected-1DSC_9520.JPG_effectedDSC_9618.JPG_effectedDSC_9617.JPG_effectedDSC_9608-1 (dragged).jpg_effected-001-1DSC_9646.JPG_effectedDSC_9654.JPG_effectedDSC_9653.JPG_effected-1DSC_9658.JPG_effectedDSC_9660.JPG_effectedDSC_9677.JPG_effected-1DSC_9691.JPG_effected-1DSC_9697.JPG_effectedDSC_9714.JPG_effectedDSC_9726.JPG_effected-1DSC_9735.JPG_effectedDSC_9708.JPG_effected-1DSC_9771.JPG_effectedDSC_9744.JPG_effected copy

3 march 2014

photograph : Suksinee Bhalakula

– SSN –